How Does Custom Counsel Select its Network Professionals?

How Does Custom Counsel Select its Network Professionals?

Learn how we select the experienced community of freelancers at Custom Counsel.

The Basics

Custom Counsel was founded with a single mission - to connect experienced professionals with overworked lawyers who need them, and who don't have time to train or hand hold.  We pride ourselves on making sure we have the best talent available to you with a wide range of expertise to cover your needs, come what may.  Custom Counsel is not an open platform for the public at large.  We are an invite-only, close knit network, and we employ very high standards in selecting freelancers.  We accept only about 1-2% of applicants to Custom Counsel. 

Experience Level

Custom Counsel requires a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in the legal profession.  While we set the minimum at 5 years, our average professional has closer to 15 years of experience.  We do not work with professionals who are still in need of training and who have not been "in the trenches."  

Experience Type

The type of experience a lawyer has ranges. A very large number of our attorneys have worked in AmLaw 200 firms, have been career law clerks, or have extensive experience running a solo practice.  We have found that different engagements require different types of backgrounds, and we curate the lawyers in our network based on client feedback and demand.  

Our paralegals and legal assistants typically have gained experience working in a law firm setting, although some of our professionals have spent years running freelance practices where they have juggled the demands of multiple clients.  Again, we are concerned with solid, hands-on experience from our network paralegal and assistants. 


We build our network based on the needs of our clients.  If you are looking for a particular type of expertise that you're not finding on our platform, reach out to us and we'll promptly locate the right talent to meet your needs.  Just use the chat box in the bottom corner to reach out!